Artist's Statement

I love color! Since receiving my first box of crayons, Iíve been in love with color. Itís the reason I chose to pursue a degree in elementary education back when we were expected to teach art, music, and physical education. Color is partly responsible for my love of decorating and choosing clothes. It is why Iíve always been involved in some kind of art. But not until I began quilting in 1993, did I truly find the most joyous way of using color, texture, and design together.


I enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of creating a design with fabrics, using all their glorious hues and textures; never knowing quite how it will turn out. I inevitably learn something during the design process and sometimes the results surprise even me. Itís part of the fun!


My quilts are contemporary in style and often abstract in design, emphasizing color, contrast, and value relationships. I piece by machine and free-motion machine quilt them extensively, adding another layer of color and design to each quilt.


I am obsessed with quilting! I love spending time in my studio ďplayingĒ with fabrics, threads, and designs. The colors and textures inspire my creative energies and make me happy. There is nothing I would rather do!  Quilting is my true passion and joy!