By: Carol Taylor

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Cubic Color:  
21 x 20

Making tiny versions of my block motif and assembling them by twisting and turning created this small quilt.  There are 36 of these small motifs used.  Can you find the motif?  The heavy machine quilting in cubes or boxes adds another layer of design using multicolored rayon thread.

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Cubic Color                                     Detail



80 x80"

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This 80 x 80 quilt was created by using an original compound motif (see drawing) and using each motif like a block in a traditional quilt. 

My motifs were freely cut without rulers, judging sizes and proportions by sight, and using curved piecing.  A palette of 30 fabrics was chosen and motifs of many sizes were sewn, using the relative light and dark values consistently in the same parts of the motif throughout the quilt.  The motifs were then arranged and rearranged on the design wall until a pleasing composition was found.

After the quilt was “sandwiched”, invisible thread was used to hold the layers in place by quilting “in the ditch”.  The next step was to use free motion quilting in random designs in all of the dark areas of the motifs to enhance the design.  Rayon thread of a similar color was used in each part so that the original design made by the motifs in combination would not be disrupted.  Initially the artist intended to leave the light areas unquilted and “puffy”, but after that was done, it did not have the intended look.  So, the dark areas were also embellished with free motion designs of matching rayon thread as well.  So, this quilt is very densely quilted. 

Thus, the name Motif-vation!