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Festival of Quilts at Sitges, Spain, March 2012

It was an honor to be one of the exhibitors at The Festival of Quilts at Sitges, Spain this March. I had a whole building for my gallery and displayed 26 quilts to the 12,000 viewers who came through the exhibition. I also taught 3 days of classes including the Arc-i-Texture Wall Hanging. The photo shows the almost finished products of those in my class. It is always a challenge to teach in another language where the students speak a different language, but I was greatly helped my my translators, Asun and Juliette who somehow conveyed my instructions to the students very well.

class quitlshow
marina balcony view esplanade

Teaching in Australia April and May, 2011:

I spent 28 days teaching in Australia in 2011, and really saw a lot of the country and met the most wonderful people. I first visited my friend, Gloria Loughman, and spent 4 days at her home. She toured me around the area and her husband, Tony, cooked for us, and we had several dinner parties with their friends and other quilters. This allowed me to slowly adjust to the huge time change before teaching. Then we both taught at the Australiasian Quilt Convention (the largest quilt show in Australia) in Melbourne for 4 days. I had talented and industrious students in all of my workshops and we celebrated the end of the convention at the Gala on the last evening with a live band where everyone danced and sang! It was an amazing event and full of joy.


From there I went to Canberra which is a lot like our Washington, DC, and the city where their government offices are located. My friend, Jenny Bowker, and her guild had me teach there for 4 days and I got to tour the National Museum of Art and see the permanent exhibit of Aboriginal work.


Then, my friend and I had 8 days off and we really flew all over the country. We spent 3 days in Sydney visiting the harbor and the opera house and taking both bus and boat tours of the city. It's very cosmopolitan and the Opera House and the story behind the building of it was fascinating.


We flew to Ayer's Rock (Uluru) and spent 2 days seeing the Outback and the rock at both sunrise and sunset, and then flew on to Cairns and Port Douglas to take a boat tour of the Great Barrier Reef. We also went "jungle surfing" by zip lining through the top of the Daintree Rainforest which was quite thrilling. Then it was back to "work" teaching at Be Creative by the Sea in Coff's Harbour for the last 5 days. This was held in a waterfront hotel and once again I had wonderful workshops full of creative students. I feel so privileged to have gotten to see so much of Australia on this trip. And the best part was undoubtedly the people who are warm and welcoming and just made the whole trip such a joy!


canberra class ziplining
sydney harbor sydney






Teaching in Sweden and Iceland September 2008:

I have really enjoyed my trips to several Nordic countries this year. First I taught at Quilt Lidkoping in Sweden where Libby Lehman and I were the only 2 teachers not from Sweden or Denmark (you can see us in the photo at the banquet with Pia, a new friend from Denmark who took my class). Sweden is lush and full of pine trees, farm land, lakes and ponds, canals and lots of greenery.  I loved the quaint villages, village squares, and darling shops.  They were almost storybook-like in appearance and very appealing.  Gothenburg was a large metropolitan city with everything to offer, but I preferred the countryside and small villages.


We taught for 3 days and lectured to a large crowd that first day after sharing a “Mingleplate” (see photo).  Quiltkoping is a wonderful show put on by just two very talented and organized women…..Helen and Gunilla. (see photo of them in their turquoise “fish” outfits they made for the banquet). I got to tour Sweden a bit and see many of the fishing villages with their perfect little houses right on the coast.  Unfortunately I left my camera in my hotel room that day, but at least you can see several of the gals in one of my classes with their projects. Look at all of those blondes!!  I found that the Swedes are very pretty people.  That’s the famous Helen who ran the show to my right in the photo.  This is the biggest show in Sweden and they have run it for 7 years.  Now they are going to a bi-annual schedule because it’s gotten so big, and the next one will be

in September, 2010.



dining with swedish quilt students Swedish Quilt students  
Our table at the “Mingleplate” the first night with Libby and I, Jorgen our wonderful helper, and Loone, a teacher from Denmark. Swedish students with their projects from the class….look at all of those blondes  

Students from Sweden and Denmark gather around Carol in Sensuous Lines & Curves class.

Helen and Gunilla who organized and ran Quilt Lidkoping in their matching “fish” outfits.

Swedish banquet with Libby and I and Pia from Denmark who was in my class

Visiting Iceland for a 2 day seminar

This double rainbow greeted us as we arrived in Iceland.

My 26 students did a great job of finishing their Arc-i-Texture projects and look quite happy about it!

We couldn’t leave Iceland without bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon

Iceland is another really interesting country I was fortunate enough to visit.  There are only 300,000 people in the whole country, so they’re very spread out except for Reykjavik where 60% of the population lives. (their capital city). The terrain looks like you’ve landed on the moon----the island was created from lava flow and is very uneven with lots of cracks and crevices in the black lava and in many places green mossy stuff covering the rock and waterfalls and rivers all over the place.  The people are Nordic, descended from Vikings and their language has changed very little since the Vikings landed there.  They are laid back and extremely pleasant and extremely helpful just like the Swedes were.  I had 26 gals in my class, so it was a busy weekend with them, and they were very competent and created some excellent work. (see photo)  It is so nice that most of them understand English even though some can’t speak it well.  It sure made my teaching easier.   Do check out the photo of the 26 students in my class and their finished or almost-finished projects at the end of the day.  They worked hard and were very creative.


This event was run by Sigurlina and Gundrun, who were doing it for the first time. (see photo of them with me).  They did a spectacular job of organizing it all in a perfect place called Arhus where we stayed in little cabins, had an extremely well light and large classroom, and had wonderful food, and games and a fun show and tell in the evening.  In both Sweden and Iceland, I loved that the whole families of all 4 of the organizers was there to help set up and run the venues.  Their family values are wonderful to see.


There are lots of horses and sheep in the countryside in Iceland too, but not many cows.  I decided to be brave the one night and ordered horse from the menu.  It was actually delicious, and steak-like and very tender. I would never have guessed that!   One of the photos shows the spectacular double rainbow that we saw our first day in Iceland and another the sleek and gorgeous Nordic sculpture that was right by the North Atlantic.


To me the most outstanding thing about both Nordic countries was the people!  Every single person we asked for help or directions took the time to converse and answer us politely and with enthusiasm.  The Icelandic people and the Swedes (earlier this month) have this in common and are just delightful people.  I also went to the famous Blue Lagoon to bathe in the hot springs and mineral water.  It was relaxing and lovely (as you can see by the photo) and good for your skin too.


This contemporary Icelandic sculpture was along the waterfront in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland

Sigurlina and Gundrun who organized a wonderful weekend for all of us were delightful








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