It is difficult to choose just one perfect method of teaching English. There are several of them, and in this article we will try to tell you about them. What to consider when choosing the best method and preparing a lesson plan?

Quick and effective lesson planning

This is the dream of every tutor who teaches English to adults. It is not surprising because a busy schedule and conducting many lessons is certainly a time-consuming activity. So it is worth opting for the time-saving benefits of using ready-made lesson plans. With ESL Lesson plans, you will be able to prepare your lesson more easily and quickly. They will be your methodological support, thanks to which you will quickly plan your next lesson. This is certainly an effective method because every lesson consists of different modules, each of which is carefully prepared.

Diversity in one place  

Many English language tutors struggle with a lack of inspiration, and the multitude of ideas available on the Internet does not make the task easier. It can therefore be a good idea to have multiple lesson plans available on one website, just like the ESL Lesson plans from English4tutors. Thanks to the division into different levels (from A2 to C1), it is possible to find the perfect lesson plans that are tailored to the needs of the learners. The materials are divided into the following categories: General, Grammar, Technology, Business, Leisure, Travel and Art/Fashion. This makes it quick and easy to personalise every lesson by choosing the favorite topic of the adult learners.

Materials tailored to the needs of tutors and learners  

Our ESL Lesson plans have been prepared with both teachers and learners in mind. The materials include a great deal of interactive materials such as Power Point presentations, PDF files and Google slides. These will make it easier for you to build the engagement of adult learners in your lessons. This is very important because adults lose their motivation to learn more quickly and it is easier for them to fall into a routine that often contributes to a loss of effectiveness. Tailoring to the needs of the tutor means the possibility of choosing a lesson plan from a variety of topics, issues, as well as the duration of the lesson. The personalised materials also take into account different types of grammar and thematic issues. They are all presented in different ways so that every lesson can be perfectly prepared. Are you looking for a perfect teaching method? Then remember all the advantages of using ready-made lesson plans!


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