Are you wondering how to extend the life of your furniture? We have the perfect solution for you. Introducing sofa covers for the IKEA collection. This is a great way to protect your favourite furniture at home. They can be made using fabrics in different colours to give the furniture a unique look. This way you can completely change the look of your living room, bedroom or any other room where you use your favourite sofa.

Outstanding level of protection against damage

The IKEA furniture covers provide excellent protection against damage. They are scratch-resistant and do not absorb water. This excellently protects the furniture from damage. In addition, they are very easy to clean. Thus, accidentally spilled juice, coffee or tea will not discolour the fabric. This ensures that the furniture will maintain the same appearance for many years. The water can simply be wiped off with a paper towel. The fabric will not be scratched, for example, by your cat when laying down to sleep on your sofa.

Fabrics completely safe for the whole family

High-quality covers for IKEA sofas are available in the Soferia shop. This is the perfect place to choose the best cover that can serve your home for many years. All products are manufactured with attention to detail. We use respiratory-friendly fabrics for our covers. They are allergen-free and protect against fungi and bacteria. This is why covers for IKEA furniture can make a difference to the lives of allergy sufferers. It is also the best choice for parents who want to ensure a high level of safety for their children.

Protection against virus infections

IKEA furniture covers are also suitable for those worried about viruses. They can use Virus Protect fabrics, which have a coating that provides permanent protection against infection-causing factors. This coating protects the fabric surface and actively disinfects it. These products are completely safe for people and the natural environment. They are free of harmful substances, including silver and heavy metals. They can be used safely by both young children and adults.

Sofa covers that are easy to clean

The IKEA furniture covers can be washed by hand or in the washing machine using mild programmes with a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius. They can also be ironed at low temperature. This type of care will ensure that the fabric retains its properties for a long time. All covers are guaranteed for a period of 2 years. This gives you the assurance that the covers will last for many years without the need for repair or replacement.


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