The psychological degree is a great starting point for a career in both science and art, because it equips you with a number of skills and opens opportunities for various employers. What career can I do with a psychology degree?


Training and postgraduate studies are a condition for becoming a certified psychologist. Due to the entry requirements, many psychology graduates spend a year or more gaining professional experience before undertaking post-graduate studies.

It is a good idea to gain work experience as soon as possible. Usually, you must first work on a voluntary basis to gain sufficient experience to apply for a paid job.

The type of experience you need depends on the field of psychology that interests you. Work as an assistant psychologist or in areas such as nursing, social work, mental health, services for disabled people, care for young offenders and work in prison, probationary period or social services.

Experience as a scientific assistant is also important.

Best job offers for graduate psychology graduates

Psychology graduates have the opportunity to work in many different sectors. General job perspectives and a master’s degree focus or specialization will help determine the best path for the future. Many classes choose to conduct research, work directly in the field as a therapist or work outside the field with businessmen, athletes and lawyers, as part of the school system, law enforcement or public health agencies.

What career can I do with a psychology degree?

Career options and pay vary depending on geographical location, sector and specialization. An extensive career list, both in and outside of psychology, for those with a master’s degree in psychology, includes:

  • Executive trainer
  • Media psychologist
  • Advisor Advisor
  • Professor of Psychology
  • Behavior Analyst
  • Psychological collaborator
  • Addiction psychologist
  • Youth housing adviser
  • Human service worker
  • Patient Service Representative in the hospital
  • Legal Psychologist
  • Statistical assistant
  • Social recreation employee
  • State agency advisor

Psychological career with a degree

Prison guard

Prison officers are responsible for protecting the population of prisoners. This responsibility includes overseeing the activities of prisoners, participating in rehabilitation and providing advice to prisoners, which makes corrections especially suitable for persons with a psychological degree.


The primary duty of a police officer is to enforce laws that protect people and property in the jurisdiction in which he or she works.

Psychiatric technician

As part of a team of Mental Health specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors, psychiatrist technicians help clinical specialists and patients perform various tasks.

Social Work Assistant

Social work assistants generally have a degree in behavioral science, such as a degree in psychology. Many social work assistants work in care facilities, especially in old age; in these circumstances, these specialists assist clients in carrying out daily activities while establishing relationships with clients who remain professional, combining the functions of friend and adviser.



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