The annual turnover of the cosmetics industry is already over $500 billion a year, and the market is growing by a few percent each year. The competition is pretty strong. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to what’s most important in cosmetics – their quality and the right packaging.

First – the concern for high quality

In the cosmetics industry, product quality remains as a crucial factor for consumers. And this quality can be achieved not only by good ingredients, but also thanks to the well-chosen cosmetic packaging and its appropriate application, which is possible by a modern pump for cosmetics.

The key element of cosmetic packaging

A well-chosen dosing pump for cosmetics is the mechanical part of the cosmetic packaging, without which it is nowadays difficult to imagine an efficient application of a cream or gel. Thanks to the pump, the entire cosmetic product is applied safely, conveniently and most importantly — in an optimal amount.

How does the cosmetic pump work?

The pump in the dispenser is a well thought-out mechanism. When you press the pump with your finger, the spring-equipped piston pushes air into the inside of the packaging containing the cosmetic product.
This creates a vacuum in the container. As a result, the cosmetic product is sucked in as soon as the plunger is returned to its original position.
Further pressure pumps the specified amount of the cosmetic product into a tube, the exit of which ends on the outside of the packaging. The rest of the cosmetic product returns to the container.

Airless packaging

Pumps are also ideal for airless packaging. In these packages, the product inside the packaging does not come into contact with air.
And the pumping mechanism of the product relies very simply on the vacuum sucking in the substance and lifting it together with the piston to the outlet. The high pressure in the pump opens the valve. Then the cosmetic product leaks through the pump. Due to the low pressure in the pump, the valve is closed.

What pump options are available?

Pumps for cosmetic packaging are available in various versions. Here are some examples:

  • nick size — 18/415, 20/410, 24/410, 28/410, 43/400,
  • colours — Black, Gold, Silver, and White,
  • material — Aluminium (AL) and Polipropylen (PP).

What cosmetics can be applied with the cosmetic pump?

Pumps are ideal for applying different types of emulsions, gels, lotions, creams, serums, peelings, and disinfectants. In most cases, conventional pumps are sufficient. But if a product can be oxidized quickly, airless packaging should be considered.


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