A Master’s Degree in Education opens many career doors, including the option of teaching at the university. Questions arise as to which schools you are qualified for and what courses you can teach. Can I teach with a masters?

Public colleges

The fastest way to get to the door is to start with university courses. In the whole country they usually only require a master’s degree to qualify. Sometimes they even accept a bachelor’s degree and some experience, so a master’s degree can give you an advantage over other candidates. It is difficult to get a full-time teacher at this level without previous experience. Definitely continue to apply for it, because it shows initiative and confidence, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen to you right away. Instead, at the same time submit your application for specific additional teaching positions, as well as for additional faculty pools.

Look for a job in your field

When you teach with a master’s degree, you will have to apply for a job in your field. For example, if your master’s degree is in the literature, apply for a teaching job. If you have a biology diploma, apply for a job in the science department.

Try searching on the websites of local and vocational schools. You can also apply for additional positions at 4-year colleges.

Most universities are constantly looking for a new pool of extras, so you can apply at any time of the year.

 Can I teach with a masters?

Apply for a supplementary position.

When you apply for the first time as a college teacher, apply for a supplementary position first. Supplementary positions usually only require a Master’s degree, while the university usually wants you to have a PhD for a full-time position. You will have a better chance of earning an additional master’s degree, and then you may be able to work full-time at the faculty.

How to use your current degree to become a teacher

First stop: check to see if your condition offers emergency education certificates.

In this case, people with a bachelor’s degree can apply for teaching subjects that are currently short of qualified candidates. Several selected states, including Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Mississippi, California and Arizona, grant temporary licenses to teachers in special care areas such as special education as well as foreign subjects and STEM.

If you plan to teach more advanced subjects in public high schools, such as mathematics or science, and have a degree in a related field, it’s usually enough to get a teaching job in a state of emergency in one of these states. Finally, you can decide to pass the license exam and become a fully certified teacher.

Don’t panic if your state doesn’t have an emergency certification path. Instead, there are many alternative programs.



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